I just want you to know that my contest is getting over 97% opt in conversion. Please look at the screenshot of my Google Analytics visitors vs the opt-ins. This was yesterday after the contest was up for less than 12 hours. Thanks again for being so responsive.

Anthony V


These days, you can’t run a successful and profitable business without engaging in effective online marketing. That’s true regardless of what kinds of products or services you’re selling. Like many people, you may have assumed online marketing was going to be a snap. Just set up a website, create a few social media accounts and you should be good to go, right?

Not quite.

Today’s consumers are incredibly savvy. They aren’t swayed by traditional marketing messages. Rather, they expect to be wooed by brands. They want interaction, engagement and customization. There are lots of ways to go about achieving these goals, and social contests are among the best options. Without question, the best way to create effective contests is by using WP Contest Creator.

What is WP Contest Creator?

WP Contest Creator is easy-to-use contest software that streamlines the process of designing and executing a viral contest. Better still, it assesses and gauges the results of your contests to ensure you are, indeed, barking up the right tree. Instead of sitting down and learning how to create a sleek, professional-quality contest that savvy social media users will want to participate in, you can invest in WP Contest Creator to quickly design a first-rate sweepstakes and have it up and running in no time flat.

You collect the information you need from your participants and build huge lists of potential customers.



There’s no doubt about it: Online contests deliver incredible results for businesses. They help to keep marketing costs in check while increasing the effectiveness of those marketing efforts. With WP Contest Creator, reaping the best benefits of online sweepstakes is a breeze. You can use a contest plugin on an existing WordPress page or create a new, standalone page. In either case, your contests will help you enjoy these and many other benefits:


Put Your Followers to Work for You

Imagine filling your marketing department with hundreds of new, enthusiastic employees. That’s essentially what happens when you run a first-rate social contest. Those who decide to participate in your viral contest are incentivized to encourage their followers to follow suit. For example, they may receive additional entries for every new person they refer. In one fell swoop, you’ll have an entire army working to promote your contest and, in turn, your brand!


Reach New Prospects

Online contests are a great way to raise awareness about your brand, products and/or services. At least, that’s true when they’re executed and promoted through social media. Whether you use a contest plugin or create a separate site for your contest, those who participate via social media will be encouraged to share the contest with their followers. As an added bonus, their followers are likely to see their activity with your contest, which provides additional opportunities for raising brand awareness.


Increase Engagement

Today’s discerning, savvy consumers want to be engaged by the brands they use. Merely telling them how great your products and services are isn’t enough. They crave interaction and customization, and a well-designed online contest fulfills those expectations nicely. According to a study by Ipsos, in fact, 52 percent of consumers reported being motivated to stay connected to brands through contests or by being asked for their input. By creating a fun, easy contest with WP Contest Creator, you can appeal to consumers’ natural desire to interact with their favorite brands.


Increase Brand Loyalty

As your viral contest runs its course, you can keep participants engaged with occasional updates on social media. Along the way, participants will really get to know your brand. In turn, their loyalty will solidify. When they appeal to their own followers to participate in your contest too, their loyalty will increase even more. By the time your contest is over, you’ll have significantly increased brand loyalty with minimal amounts of time, effort and money.


Add New Followers

Those who already follow your business will be clued into your contests right away, whether they’re hosted on separate websites or if you use a contest plugin for WordPress or another app. Running a contest also allows you to draw in new followers. After all, to stay informed about how the contest is going, they will need to follow your business on social media. If generating promising new leads is one of your top goals — and why wouldn’t it be? — an online sweepstakes is the way to go.


Generate Strong Leads

Even if your online marketing efforts have increased traffic to your site or have helped you add new followers on social media, they may still be falling short. The problem is often that the people who are being directed to your blog, website or social media accounts may not really be interested in what you are offering. This is a tricky thing to overcome, but a sweepstakes designed with WP Contest Creator contest software will help. You see, those who enter your contest will do so because they want whatever prizes you are offering. By making those prizes products that your company offers, you can be almost certain that participants are at least somewhat interested in what your company has to offer. A simple contest plugin can generate more reliable, effective leads than almost anything else.


Increase Revenue and Reduce Marketing Costs

If your marketing costs are eating away at your profits, you’re really going to like this one. Once you’ve invested in WP Contest Creator contest software, the amount of money you’ll spend to create online contests will be minimal. The amount of time you’ll spend creating them will be a drop in the bucket too. Through the buzz that’s created by your contest, revenues will increase. Since you’ll be spending less on marketing, your profit margins will be incredible.

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Key Features

Creating effective online contests is a breeze with WP Contest Creator. You know the typical steps for creating a top-notch social media contest? WP Contest Creator streamlines everything, making incredibly short work of the process.


Standalone or embedded contests

As with any type of marketing effort, creating a great social contest starts with identifying your primary goals. Whether you want to increase revenues, drive more traffic to your blog or website, increase brand loyalty or have other goals in mind, WP Contest Creator can help. You can use contest plugins to embed your contest into your website or blog no matter what kinds of goals you have in mind. Everything is fully automated, so once you’ve selected your goals and completed the simple, initial setup, you will be all set. You can insert contest short codes directly from your page admin or WordPress post too.


Mailing list integration with popular providers

Sync your captured leads with the mailing list provider of your choice. WP Contest Creator currently supports Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Aweber and more, and we’re adding new providers all the time. If yours isn’t available, don’t worry — you can also export captured leads as CSV files for use across virtually every mailing list provider imaginable.


Automated, Scheduled Contests

With WP Contest Creator, there’s no need to keep an eye on the clock or the calendar. While setting up your contest, just specify the starting and ending dates. The software will handle everything else for you. It will even select the winner for you by determining which participant referred the most people. As with all other aspects of WP Contest Creator, you don’t have to lift a finger.


Built in Stats and Lead Management

In addition to letting you customize your layout after choosing a stylish template, integrating with popular mailing list apps like Mailchimp, offering a contest plugin for WordPress and automatically posting updates about your contest on social media sites, WP Contest Creator provides a wealth of powerful, useful data about the results of your contests. Quickly and easily track and manage the leads you generate from right within the software. Filter them as needed, and then export them for use with other applications. With WP Contest Creator, creating new contests is so easy that you can optimize them over time until you arrive at a design that delivers the best possible results for your brand.


Participant Autoresponder

Whenever someone joins your contest, WP Contest Creator will automatically generate and send crucial contest information to them. A unique link will also automatically be sent, ensuring that participants can quickly and easily draw in referrals and generate leads for you.


Bootstrap template editor with drag & drop capabilities

Regardless of what your goals are — whether you’d like to reinvigorate existing customers, draw in new ones, increase conversions or simply raise brand awareness — a well-designed, well-executed online contest or sweepstakes will help you achieve them. Please note the terms “well-designed” and “well-executed,” though. Like most business owners and marketing managers, you probably have little to no experience with designing online contests. The learning curve is sure to be dauntingly steep. How could it possibly be worth it? Well, WP Contest Creator’s template editor is a breeze to use. Simply drag and drop the desired components until you achieve the desired results.


Build excitement with Contest Updates

The instant your social contest ends, customize a special “the winner will be announced soon” update and post it to your followers. This will help keep them engaged and will build momentum leading up to the big announcement. Everything is automatic and managed for you, so you can sit back, relax and watch your prospects spread the word about your contest — and, in turn, your brand!


Participant Leader Board

Keep participants in your contest engaged with an automatically generated leader board. With a few clicks of the mouse button, you can add the leader board to your website or WordPress blog, allowing participants to check in and see where they stand. The top 10 participants who have brought in the most referrals will instantly populate the list. This is a great way to show prospects that the contest is in full swing.


Mobile Ready

WP Contest Creator is deeply integrated with the Bootstrap framework, so contests are mobile-ready from the get-go. Regardless of which devices your prospects are using, your contests will look and function perfectly every time. Considering that more people are accessing the Internet via mobile than via traditional devices these days, this is a very important feature and one that’s sure to make a huge difference.


Social sharing customization

With WP Contest Creator, your unique message will be seen loudly and clearly. You’re in the driver’s seat and can define the title, message and image that gets automatically added when any participant shares on the social networks.

Start Today!

WP Contest Creator levels the playing field for any business by allowing them to create sleek, professional-quality online contests with minimal amounts of time, effort or money. If you’re ready to slash your marketing costs, increase engagement, generate leads and otherwise enhance the overall effectiveness of your marketing efforts, you can’t do better. Try our demo site or contact us for more information today!

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