WP Contest Creator allows you to easily extend the power of your contest for a richer user experience & flexibility that makes your contests even more productive.

We have more Add-Ons coming soon.

Existing customers need to update to the version 2.7 and up, as the Add-Ons require it.

WCC Photo Add-On

WCC Photo

This Add-On adds all the features necessary to run a Photo Contest. Participants can upload one or multiple photos, and you can set how often people can vote. It automatically selects a winner based on votes and notifies participants via email. Full form customizations, to capture the data you need. More extensions for the photo Add-On coming soon.

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WCC Photo MailChimp Add-On

WCC Photo MailChimp

This is an Add-On that enables you to fully sync participants & voters to MailChimp in very easy steps. Within minutes you’ll have a fully synced MailChimp with your entrant data.

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WCC Quiz Add-On

WCC Quiz

This is an Add-On the enables you to require participants to answer questions in a certain way to allow them to enter. This helps for filtering out leads that are not knowledgeable about your services, products or promotions, and keeps your contests focused on the leads that you are interested in.

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WCC Pay Add-On


With this Add-On you can charge participants to join your contest. Before the participant can enter they must submit the contest entry fee, and if successful it will add the participant to your contest. It comes with PayPal integration only. More payment gateways will be added soon.

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WCC Login Add-On

WCC Login

Want to have private contests for your active users only? now this is possible with the WCC Login Add-On. By enabling this Login mode you can require participants to have a valid User / Password on your WordPress site.

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