Can I extend WP Contest Creator to my needs?

Yes. WP Contest Creator provides a number of WordPress hooks that allows developers to add custom code to satisfy your specific requirements. With these hooks you can run custom code:  before and after participant joins, when a email notification is sent, when a winner is about to be selected, when a winner is announced and more. You can check the Developer API page here.

Can I have multiple winners for my contest?

Yes. For multiple winners you have to set set them manually on the contest lead management admin screen. For a single winner you can let WP Contest Creator select the person with the most points automatically when the contest ends.

Can I integrate the Photo Contest to a XYZ Provider?

Yes. WP Contest Creator with the WCC Photo Add-On allows you to integrate your own Mailing List Provider or other data connector provider with our developer hooks. You can with very little code send participant or voter registration data to your specific Provider.

We are constantly adding more integrations, and you can suggests your favorite Providers to us.

Can the winner be selected randomly?

Yes. WP Contest Creator supports a random winner selection mode. The random mode make points irrelevant, but the random winner selection is available in case you still need it.

Can WP Contest Creator increase my Facebook likes?

Yes. Once you engage with your fans, they quickly spread the word and others naturally “like” your page. WP Contest Creator provides the functionality so your fans can come again and again spreading the word about your contest and growing your subscribers.

Can you customize the plugin for my needs?

Yes we can. Sends us a ticket specifying your requirements, budget and timeframe and we’ll prepare a quote for any customization work you need.

Does the plugin support upload fields?

Yes. We have an Add-On called WCC Photo. This Add-On supports file uploads for a Photo Contest. You can check the Photo Contest Demo page here.

How is WP Contest Creator better than other Contest Software or Platforms?

First of all, WP Contest Creator gives you full control over your contest pages – other contest software or contest platforms just give you limited ways to configure your contest, and you have to cope with those limitations.

Some of these other contest software for WordPress cost less than WP Contest Creator, but at the same time they give you less options & features. Also when comparing to cloud contest platforms, obviously these charge per month or per year – which is significantly higher than WP Contest Creator, and surprisingly you have to pay a higher premium for almost the same features we already have.

On the other hand, WP Contest gives you full control over the look & feel, supports mailing list integration with popular providers, and best of all, it all comes in one package, so you’ll only have to buy once.

On average, how many participants can I get in one day?

It depends how you initially promote your contest, how many regular visitors you have on your site and the number of questions on your entry form. We have seen from 150 to 350 participants join to our customer contests in a single day. Other customers have reported up to 1,000 signups in a day.

What are the best features of the WCC Photo Add-On to run Photo Contests?

Our WCC Photo Add-On has some unique features that will keep participants and voters coming to your site like: social sharing controls, photo slider that show multiple image uploads per participant, fully customizable forms (with drag & drop support) – you can add as few or as many form fields as you like. Participant can even upload photos at different times without the need to login or fill the registration form again – which is very convenient.

Last but not least, when you buy the WCC Photo extension, you also have the Viral Contest features available to you. In other words, you can run two types of contests: Viral Contests and Photo Contests. The best value you’ll ever get – compared to other limited contest software options on the Web.

See all features here.

Check the demo here.

What is the single survey question good for?

The single survey question feature serves to gauge the effectiveness of your contest campaign. A target question here can tell you the type of user that is joining your contest. For example if you ask: “What type of phone do you like?” and you add as options: Android, iPhone, Windows Phone. By looking at your contest lead dashboard you can see if the majority of your users are for example iPhone users or not. (In case your contest campaign is targeting Apple users) – so with this info you can tweak your contest page or share message to go after the audience you need.

We also have Add-Ons that can help you narrow your audience.