Watch how contests can help my business


True Online Competition Software Makes Followers Work for You

Imagine filling your marketing department with hundreds of new, enthusiastic employees. That’s essentially what happens when you run a first-rate social contest. Those who decide to participate in your contest are incentivized to encourage their followers to follow suit. For example, they may receive additional entries for every new person they refer. In one fell swoop, you’ll have an entire army working to promote your contest and, in turn, your brand. This is the way our online competition software helps you succeed.

Increase Engagement

Today’s discerning, savvy consumers want to be engaged by the brands they use. Merely telling them how great your products and services are isn’t enough. They crave interaction and customization, and a well-designed online competition software fulfills those expectations nicely. According to a study by Ipsos, in fact, 52 percent of consumers reported being motivated to stay connected to brands through contests or by being asked for their input. By creating a fun, easy contest with WP Contest Creator, you can appeal to consumers’ natural desire to interact with their favorite brands.

Marketing Campaigns succeed when the Online Competition Software Attracts New Followers

Those who already follow your business will be clued into your contests right away, whether they’re hosted on separate websites or if you use a contest plugin for WordPress or another app. Running a contest also allows you to draw in new followers. After all, to stay informed about how the contest is going, they will need to follow your business on social media. If generating promising new leads is one of your top goals — and why wouldn’t it be? — an online competition software is the way to go.

Increase Revenue and Reduce Marketing Costs

If your marketing costs are eating away at your profits, you’re really going to like this one. Once you’ve invested in our online competition software, the amount of money you’ll spend to create online contests will be minimal. The amount of time you’ll spend creating them will be a drop in the bucket too. Through the buzz that’s created by your contest, revenues will increase. Since you’ll be spending less on marketing, your profit margins will be incredible.

Reach New Prospects

Online contests are a great way to raise awareness about your brand, products and/or services. At least, that’s true when they’re executed and promoted through social media. Whether you use a online competition software or create a separate site for your contest, those who participate via social media will be encouraged to share the contest with their followers. As an added bonus, their followers are likely to see their activity with your contest, which provides additional opportunities for raising brand awareness.

Online Competition Software Increases Brand Loyalty

As your contest runs its course, you can keep participants engaged with occasional updates on social media. Along the way, participants will really get to know your brand. In turn, their loyalty will solidify. When they appeal to their own followers to participate in your contest too, their loyalty will increase even more. By the time your contest is over, you’ll have significantly increased brand loyalty with minimal amounts of time, effort and money, thanks to our online competition software.

Generate Strong Leads

Even if your online marketing efforts have increased traffic to your site or have helped you add new followers on social media, they may still be falling short. The problem is often that the people who are being directed to your blog, website or social media accounts may not really be interested in what you are offering. This is a tricky thing to overcome, but a sweepstakes designed with an online competition software will help. You see, those who enter your contest will do so because they want whatever prizes you are offering. By making those prizes products that your company offers, you can be almost certain that participants are at least somewhat interested in what your company has to offer. A simple contest plugin can generate more reliable, effective leads than almost anything else.