Pre-sale questions

Do I receive updates?

Yes. Updates are included free for the first year. After your year of free updates expires, you can renew your updates for a discounted price.

Are there any special requirements to install this plugin?

The only special requirement is having the mcrypt PHP Extension available on your hosting (which most hosts already have). Also if you have any difficulties enabling mcrypt, we have a special paid support service that installs mcrypt for you for just USD $10. Send us a ticket for more details.

What type of support do I get?

New customers have access to 1 year of priority support, which includes any questions or issues you might have.

I have multiple sub-domains I want to use for contests, can I use the single site version for all my sub-domains?

No. The single site license just supports a single WordPress installation on one sub-domain. If you need to use WP Contest Creator on multiple sub-domains, the multi-site license would be needed.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. You can read more about our refund policy here. In a nutshell we will refund your entire purchase if you are not able to install it or experienced any issues within the first 14 days.

Is the price of WP Contest Creator yearly?

No. This is a one time payment. You own your copy after your purchase. We also include the first year of updates for free.

I don’t use Mailchimp, Aweber, etc as an email service. I am using a different one, will my service provider work?

Yes and No. We have a “Generic” mailing list provider that is a catch-all option that works for many mailing list providers not listed. If the provider you have doesn’t work with our “Generic” option, then No. WP Contest Creator allows developers to easily integrate their custom mailing list provider using hooks. See our API documentation.

I’d like to have your multisite license but I already but I already have the single site license, can you upgrade me to multisite?

Yes. You can upgrade your license type to multisite from a single site.