With WCC Photo Add-On you can create fully featured Photo Contests in minutes. With the user-friendly Photo Contest Software interface you can specify the rules of your contest: start and end date, max number of photos, size of photos and how often people can vote.

Photo Contests can be embedded on any WordPress Post or Page by pasting the shortcode tag.

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Once your contest starts, your visitors can browse the list of participant with all the photos each has uploaded on a slider, accumulated votes, and  have the ability to share the participant on social networks for their family and friends to vote.

Want to customize your contest look & feel? No problem! WCC Photo Contest Software provides easy to use settings that allow you to change the color of buttons, and even the Front-end words to any language.

Your participants will be able to join your contest by registering and uploading photos in one easy step. Within minutes you’ll be on your way of building engaging Photo contests that will drive valuable traffic to your site.

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(This Add-On Requires WP Contest Creator Version 2.7.2 and up)