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Here you'll find the most frequent questions we get of general topics

Not at all. You don’t need to have anyone technical to work with us. All you need is a general idea of how you want your contest to work.

It is relatively affordable for the majority of customers. If you hire a typical development agency to build a contest solution from scratch it can cost anywhere between USD $15K and USD $30K or more. The projects our team creates for customers costs just a small fraction of what it would cost you to hire those other development agencies. Why? because we have a base contest software structure already built that we can extend to benefit our customers with huge savings compared to hiring any other development agency.

If you have WordPress that’s great, if not you can use our service to build a contest on a standalone platform.

Yes. After many years and thousands of customizations requests to the contest plugin we created, we know there is no perfect contest plugin or contest software that fits with everyone. That is why we decided to offer this service.

We simply analyze the contest description you send us, and our developer calculates the time depending on how much code he can reuse from our base plugin and other features you requested. It take from 3 weeks up to 5 weeks or more if you gave us a long list of requirements on your contest description.

Our developer writes every project knowing something will probably be added in the future – so the code he does is as future proof as possible. This means you can ask us in the future to add or change features you asked us to add to your contest software or plugin.


Do you work with other software or services that want to integrate with?

All you need to do is to tell us what other software you want to connect your contest software with, and our developer will help you connect both.

Generally no, but it is our developer that calculates the amount of effort required. If the other software you want to connect to has good documentation or tutorials for developers it is generally a good sign that integrating to it won’t be too complicated.

Anything you want. Just let us know from the start to what other software you want to connect and what data you want to send to the other software from your contest.

Yes. We have worked integrating with other WordPress plugins. If you have other installed plugins on your site and want to connect to that other plugin (or share data) when a specific event happens on your contest – our developer can help. Just give us a description of how everything should connect, and our developer will take care of the rest.

Yes. Just give us the names and how you want to connect your contest to those services, and our developer will ensure it does what you want.

Code & Delivery

Do you work with other software or services that want to integrate with?

When your project is completed you get a .zip file with the code of the plugin, and a demo of our developer testing all features for you.

Absolutely. Your project is yours and you can make changes to the contest software or plugin as you see fit.

The plugin is usually coded in a highly flexible way to make possible future changes. Depending on the experience your developer has, he or she would be able to take over after the initial project delivery.

We use PHP 7.3 and up. In case you have an older version of PHP let us know.

We use JavaScript based platforms such as React. If you want to use a standalone contest outside of WordPress let us know when you send us your contest description.


Want to continue updating your contest software or plugin in the future?

You can use us to help you make updates to your contest software or plugin. Just let us know what you want to add or change, and we’ll help you update your contest software or plugin.

It depends on what integrations you have, and how often other plugin or online service updates their API. If you have no integrations or don’t use any online service you may need very little updates. On the other hand, if you have many integrations with online services or other plugins that change very frequently, then you may need updates more frequently.

In our experience no. But anything is possible if WordPress makes a large update on their code.

Yes we do. If you want to continue working with us to add more features and updates into the future of your plugin we can help. We’ll prepare a quote depending on your needs.

You can, and depending on how your contest works may not need updates for some time. But the nature of software is that you always need to improve something or some other service online you connect with changes, and forces you to update your contest software or plugin. 

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